A Passionate Podcast?

So, I’ve added yet another commitment to my list. Seeing that I’m failing at all my other commitments, why not!? I’m actually okay not following through on every thing I’ve said I’ll do related to finding passionate work. I’m just happy for the forward momentum, no matter what it ends up looking like.

Anyway, my latest is to publish a podcast by next Thursday. Yikes! Time is flying by. So the first step: What topic to create a podcast about? And here’s the exercise podcast expert John Lee Dumas suggests:

Name 3 things you are passionate about:

1. Love

2. Connection

3. Wildlife

4. Travel

Name 3 things you have expertise doing:

1. Writing

2. Travel

3. Viewing wildlife

4. Supporting people/asking insightful questions

Do you see overlap? Somehow I don’t see the wildlife aspect coming into play, unless my podcast is about the wild side of travel or traveling to see wildlife, which don’t really interest me. So, setting that one aside: a podcast on love lessons (that’s really not related to the above, but it’s something that interests me or a podcast on how people have found love or connection while traveling or asking people about their most powerful travel/love/wildlife experiences. To cover my bases, I just bought wildworldoflove.com 🙂

If so, is there a need for this type of information out there? I don’t no. Probably not a need, but could be fun interviews to do  so I guess there would be the need for entertainment and inspiration and a “we’re all in the same boat/in this together” feeling.

Moving on to the avatar:

Who is the ONE person who is your PERFECT listener? My first instinct is that my perfect listener would be me — or someone fascinated by love, travel, and wildlife

1. What is their name? Jenny (because I’m going to be asking “What would Jenny do” and it makes me giggle)

2. Their age? 35 (because I don’t think as many women my age are that interested in love, travel, and wildlife)

3. Where do they live? A hip small town like Bozeman or Boulder or Madison

4. Do they have a family? No, but they’re wanting to start one.

5. Why do they listen to podcasts? They have a short 20-25 minute commute and they want to listen to something during that time that entertains them and makes them think.

6. Where do they listen to podcasts? In their cars. Sometimes while gardening or doing some other chore.

7. Why will they listen to YOUR podcast? Because

Describe your avatar in 3 sentences or less given your answers above: Jenny is a 35-year-old single woman looking for love and adventure. She loves hearing about other people’s stories of love, travel, and adventure — and even better if they include a wild encounter. Jenny listens to be entertained and inspired during her commute and when doing chores.


Oooh-wheeee! I’ve signed up to work with a life coach for 6 months. That’s not at all what I was expecting to do, but he is convinced that we can definitely help me to discover work I would be passionate about and start on steps to doing it. I know that once I have the vision I’ll be off and running, so I’m excited to see if he can finally help me to shape that vision.

In our first call when he asked me in a stream of conscious way what kind of work I could do that would let me act and be an international expert/consultant (two of my passions), the phrase “make videos that change the world” came to mind. This surprised me because 1) I’m not that into video as a format and 2) I’m more interested in a personal impact — something that makes me happy and feel purpose as opposed to having a broader impact. So, what does that phrase mean to me? How would it interest me?

Hmmmm. Well, I’d like to have travel involved in my work. And I’m very curious about people and different culture, so interviewing people around the world and telling their stories would definitely interest me. But not if it was in a way that required serious production effort. I’d want more “GoPro”, on-the-fly video that’s quick to take, edit, and post — and that people I interviewed would then be able to see online in days or weeks instead of months or years. Somehow video still doesn’t seem to be it. What about a video podcast though? An interesting thought. And now, if I supposedly don’t care about the impact on others, what impact or purpose would I gain in doing this work. I’d be fascinated by the travel and fascinated by the stories — and I would feel good to let the actual people see their stories told, as opposed to interviewing them and then they never see what’s done with the content. And if those stories were also of interest to others and helped to make a change in the lives of those who watch — getting them to be more grateful or to act more kindly or to donate to worthwhile causes — then, yes, that would be cool. More thought needs to happen. Signing off for now!

Passion as a Passion

Last week I completely failed at posting five times a week. I only got in one! But I had a great time biking and hiking (and even going up in a small plane!) across Northern California with friends in from Montana.

Interestingly though, when I did try to post a blog one evening, I opened an old blog that I stopped writing in exactly one year ago. And what was my focus then? Finding a passionate partner and finding passionate work. One of the old posts also noted that I’d spent the last year (all of 2013) working on this.

Hmmmmm. This is such an ongoing theme in my life: living passionately. Having a passionate, romantic, loving, lasting relationship and doing work that I love and am passionate about. And yet if it’s been such a driving force and focus of my life for so long, why oh why are each of these seemingly elusive?

In one minute, I have a free two-hour coaching call with Greg Faxon, another wonderful Gleeper (which likely means someone who follows Jonathan Field’s Good Life Project but what I am claiming as a word for someone who went to the Good Life Project’s summer camp for adults, which was a rocking good time!). I’m looking forward to exploring this concept further with him. If I greatly value passion and am open to it and have taken many steps to find it both in my love life and personal life — and if I lead a life where I do things I love and am very willing to take risks — why am I still chasing passionate work and a romantic partner? A bit confounding as to why these have still yet to come into my life. Hoping for a little more clarity in the weeks (hours, minutes?) to come.

Revising My Commitment

When I started this blog, I committed to a post every Monday through Friday from Sept 29 – Oct 31. I’m now realizing that I still want to write five posts a week, but that it can be any time — weekdays or weekends and twice a day if that’s what works best.

So, with that in mind, here’s my first post to count against next week’s tally (yes I can bank too! Isn’t it great to be the master of your own commitments). I am off for an 8-day vacation with good friends from Montana. As usual, I’ve agreed to a whirlwind of activity: two nights in Sea Ranch, four biking and wine tasting in Healdsburg, and then two in Placerville with yet another friend, possibly getting out in their personal plane! I’ve used the name Whirling Debbie many times, and it’s definitely an accurate reflection of how I live my life.

I like whirling. I like action and variety and excitement and forward motion. But I do not like frantic activity, which is what my life has been since returning from Kenya and trying to juggle the Kenya project writing and my usual significant work. So, for my next entry I want to explore what changes I could make to have a whirling life, but one more like the whirling dervishes in a beautiful ballet of centered motion (I saw them in Turkey! Incredible!) and less like a whirling Tasmanian devil!

Why Am I Not Willing to Sacrifice for Myself?

So, you may have noticed that my commitment was to write a blog a day, Monday through Friday, starting Sept 29 through the end of October. And I failed to write Sept 29 and 30 and Oct 1! I justified this in my mind because I started my blog ahead of the challenge — hey, I already banked four days! But this is a regular occurrence in my life.

There are things I want to do and even commit to do for myself, and I fail to do them. But give me a work project or a friend in need, and I will drop everything, rearrange my schedule, give up sleep, accept the stress, limit my social life, eat poorly due to too much work, and get that work done or support that friend in need. Why am I not willing to go above and beyond to this level for me and my commitments?

I think part of it is that I know I don’t do well without sufficient sleep. I’m willing to forego it for work/friends, but not for “me time.” I justify that more sleep is kinder to and better for me than getting less sleep but meeting my “me” commitments. An interesting concept to consider.

I also often decide that time relaxing — in front of the TV or with a book or getting out of the house for a meal or to see a friend — is better for my well being than doing my “me” commitments, because sometimes they feel like just another thing to do when I just want to be doing something carefree. I think this is actually the place where I can make a shift. Because doing the things I’ve committed to for my long-term fulfillment — this blog, a mini dance party each day, meditating (which I have been succeeding at!), exercising (which I’ve been failing miserably at) — actually do reenergize my spirit and help to center me. So with that realization, we’ll see how my blog writing goes the rest of the week and into next week when I’m on vacation. I hope I don’t decide to take a vacation from my personal commitments that week as well. Stay tuned!

10 Things, 100 Days

My life right now has too much work and not enough play and focus on what I truly value and love to do. So for the remainder of 2014, I’m pledging to accomplish these 10 things in the final 100 days of 2014:

  1. Meditate every day. For 1 minutes, 2 minutes, 10, an hour. Doesn’t matter how long, when, or where. Just do it.
  2. Focus on my vision board each day, taking in everything I’m wanting to find and create in a loving, lasting romantic relationship.
  3. Go dancing or create my own dance party — at least one song a day.
  4. Lose 20 pounds. I don’t want your advice on if this is too much or too little or how I should do it. It’s something I’m taking on for my own health with my own vision knowing my own body. And then I’ll take on losing 20 more in the first half of 2015.
  5. Finish my living trust and living will. I tried to do it on my own and failed, so I’m hiring a lawyer to just get it done. There is no driving reason as I have no partner or children, but this is a gift I want to give to my family. And it’s time for it to be done.
  6. Exercise for 30 minutes EVERY SINGLE DAY. Non negotiable. All sitting and no walking is making Debbie one cranky, creaky girl. The dance party will already start me off each day.
  7. Create a podcast. Yikes! I commit to completing three shows, but I hope I do many more.
  8. Smile at someone each day.
  9. Meet with a realtor. Not sure I’ll decide to buy in the area as it’s such an enormous financial outlay, but I want to better understand my options.
  10. Go whale watching!

Are there 10 (or 5 or 1!) things you want to do in the last 100 days of 2014? If so, join the party kicked off by Gina Schanel.

The 13.5-hour Work Day

So, I started my work day today at 7:30 am and it is now finishing at 9:13 pm. I have not taken a single break. My legs and arms hurt from sitting too much and typing too much. THIS IS NOT SUSTAINABLE.

As a freelancer, I struggle with the feast much more than the famine. I’m very thankful for that, and I need to get it under control. You want to please your client so you do, do, do. And I know people in corporate jobs do the same for different pressure reasons, but the whole reason I am freelance is to not fall into this corporate “busyness” trap.

I need to find a solution for this. I’m hoping this blog will help lead the way. But for tonight, I am calling it a day.